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Can I take a Hinduism Course or a Hindu Mythology Course for high school credits?

Question by Meerz G: Can I take a Hinduism Course or perhaps a Hindu Mythology Course for excellent school credits?
Hello, I would want to take Hinduism because my main inside university, however, I am going to significant school upcoming year. Do you recognize of any course about Hindu values which offers me excellent school credits? Thanks for all the aid!

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Answer by sanatan
1. CONTACT: Stanford University News Service (415) 723-2558 (415) 723-2558

Continuing Studies guides vary from Hindu Mythology to Hypnosis
STANFORD — Hindu mythology, the history of breast cancer as well as the existence plus music of Frederic Chopin are amidst the topics to be examined inside the five- plus eight-week summer guides available from Stanford’s Continuing Studies system.

Hindu Mythology, a five-week course, may analyze several key ingredients inside Hindu myths, the types they take inside the different cultures of South Asia, the different techniques Indian plus Western experts have chosen to analyze plus understand them, plus their representation inside the arts plus inside literature, both conventional plus contemporary. Taught by Mark Mancall, professor of history, the class meets about Tuesdays, beginning June 21.

2.Havard college extension school:
Introduction to the Hindu Traditions of India
RELI E-1710 Introduction to the Hindu Traditions of India (22731)
Spring expression

Anne E. Monius, PhD, Professor of South Asian Religions, Harvard Divinity School.

Class times: Wednesdays beginning Jan. 27, 5:30-7:30 pm.

Course tuition: noncredit $ 600, undergraduate credit $ 900, graduate credit $ 1,800.

This course is an introduction to the various distinct but interrelated religious traditions of South Asia which are usually labeled Hinduism. We consider the techniques inside that Hindus from a range of historic time periods, regional traditions, plus social backgrounds have tried to create sense of their planet plus their lives in it. (4 credits)

I hope this assists we……

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Jan 14

Q&A: As an ENTP I get very easily distracted and lose focus. Any tips to combat this?

Question by Anon A: As an ENTP I receive easily distracted plus lose focus. Any tricks to fight this?
According to numerous tests, I’m a classic myers briggs ENTP, that is remarkable inside several techniques, nevertheless I find it especially difficult to remain focussed about something plus finish it – very I receive distracted by another idea plus persue which.

I frequently feel I may achieve more when just I might keep from being distracted plus remain focused.

Does anybody have any information about elements I might try?

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Answer by Sacha R
If very suggestible, the following is affordable, plus reliable:
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After all, in the event you are creative enough with a procrastination you’ll constantly come up with what looks like a superior cause to not do anything.

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The Hypnosis Treatment Option: Proven Solutions for Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Obesity, and Other Common Health Problems

The Hypnosis Treatment Option: Proven Solutions for Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Obesity, plus Other Common Health Problems

The Hypnosis Treatment Option: Proven Solutions for Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Obesity, plus Other Common Health Problems

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FREE Gastric band hypnosis trance video pre-op of gastric band surgery

FREE Gastric band hypnosis trance movie pre-op of gastric band surgery

This free gastric band hypnosis trance movie pre-op of gastric band operation can assist we with a fat reduction objectives. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Gastric band…

http://www.gastricbandhypnotherapy.net Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, sometimes known because a online gastric band process, is the newest fat reduction feeling to swee…